Please feel free to nominate yourself or anyone you know that would be willing to be interviewed as part of the BAND OF BRAVES PODCAST. The Band of Braves Podcast is designed to be a place of hope for those wanting to get unstuck from a job or career that is not bringing joy or fulfillment into their life. It is also a place of celebration and support of those choosing to live a brave life by way of career choice. (It can be really scary and lonely at first) It’s all about exploring all different types of lifestyle and career paths that may be very different than the “norm.” The focus of this podcast is 4 Fold: Following your own divine path, Discovering your greatest potential, Overcoming real and imagined obstacles, Living a joyfully balanced life while bravely turning your passions into profits. The podcast will take a practical approach by interviewing everyday people who are currently on the journey of practicing a joyfully balanced life, while pursuing the career of their dreams. The focus of the interview will be largely on how they decided on their path, what it took to get there, and advice for others seeking to turn their passions into profit. The following is a list of the type of people I’m looking for. Not everyone will be everything on this list and that’s totally ok! Remember I am looking for ordinary people who are living extraordinarily brave lives! So if you or someone you know is at least of few of these, please nominate yourself/them!! Someone who listened to their inner voice and followed it Someone who gave up the “safe” career path Someone who wakes up (almost) everyday so happy to go to work Someone who found a different way to do something. A way that brings them more freedom, peace, joy, time off for family, etc… Someone who followed their passion/heart Someone who makes enough money to support/ help support their family’s needs. Someone who was able to quit their “day job” to do what they love Someone who created or is creating their own plan, not just following a traditional business model Someone who does not necessarily have a “degree” or specialized training to do what they do Someone who is positive, who you admire, or are inspired by Someone whose motives are not centered on money alone Someone who has helped to change the way their industry works by doing it differently Someone interested in creating better way of life not just a bigger income Someone whose success comes from their love or passion, not from fear Someone who has overcome fear as their main motivator to be successful Someone who is able to maintain balance in their life amid their success Nominee’s, if chosen, will be given the opportunity to broaden their audience by being a part of the Band of Braves podcast. Nominees will also be featured on the Band of Braves website with information about or a link to the nominees website or business. And most important, nominees will have the opportunity to give back by sharing their experience in order to help others along the way to their dreams! How to Nominate someone: Please send an email to with the following information: Your name: Your Phone number: Nominee’s Name: Nominee’s Contact information: (i.e. phone number or email address) Nominee’s line of work: Why you are nominating them. (i.e. they inspire you, they found a new approach to an old problem, they are bravely doing what their heart tells them) Liz will be in touch with them to set up an interview as soon as possible. Most interviews will take place over the phone or skype so location is not a problem! Thanks for your help and support of the Band of Braves Podcast! And look for it on itunes later this summer! Much love, Liz